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    New standards for patient and family centered care and integration of psychosocial care with medical treatment, areas long championed by oncology social work and where they have a substantial history of innovation. Includes psychosocial interventions with pediatric patients as well as children and adolescents confronting parental cancer. Implements new regulatory mandates for distress screening. Contains evidenced-based assessments and interventions social workers use in work with adults with cancer and their families.
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    New Orleans children in a public housing project. A real post-Katrina revitalization of New Orleans would have meant more jobs and public services, not cutbacks and privatization.
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    "War has left a very direct legacy to the poor of New York City - a legacy that is being felt at the present time, ten months after the armistice, more acutely even than it was at the time of the armistice. This legacy is in the form of increases in the cost of the necessities of life, which is causing serious concern to those organizations which are confronted with the necessity of giving assistance to those who by reason of sickness or death are in need. . . ."
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