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    This unique book depicts the stories of Americans born in poverty, who achieved national or international fame. Accessible to students and lay readers, this scholarly study describes poverty as a disability that typically stunts important areas of growth in childhood. Prof. Wagner shows how poverty hampers individuals and groups for their entire lives, even many of those who emerge from poverty.
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    NYCityLens | S Bouvier

    Jasmin Collado (left and right) works as a Health Advisor at the Plaza del Sol Family Health Center (center) in Corona, Queens. Professor Vincent Guillamo-Ramos is the Co-Director of the Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health, run out of New York University’s Silver School of Social Work. He and his team of researchers have been working on outreach-based sex education programs encompassing safe sex, abstinence, access to information, and parental involvement for the past fifteen years, in a variety of different Latino communities around the country, from New York to California. “Study after study has shown that parents are influential when it comes to making decisions about sex,” Guillamo-Ramos said.
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