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    A number of people have claimed that the ongoing financial crisis has revealed the problems with neoliberal thought and neoliberal policies in the 'Atlantic Heartland'. However, if we look at the history of the 'Heartland' economies then it becomes evident that they were never neoliberal in the first place - that is, the economic policies and discourses in these countries did not follow neoliberal prescriptions. /We Have Never Been Neoliberal/ explores this divergence between neoliberal theory and 'neoliberal' practice by focusing on the underlying contradictions in monetarism, private monopolies, and financialization. The book finishes by proposing a 'manifesto for a doomed youth' in which it argues that younger generations should refuse to pay interest on anything in order to avoid the trap of debt-driven living.
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    LA Times | G friedman

    Mariachi Plaza in the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles."We've already lost Echo Park, Silver Lake, downtown and now we're being squeezed out by prices," said Adriana Alvarez, a psychiatric social worker who grew up in the neighborhood. "We want our paleteros [ice cream vendors] and our taco stands. We don't need glitter and glamour. That's what this looks like — arrogance and colonization."
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