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  • ChildFamilyPractice128

    An essential text that presents important guidelines and principles for working with children, their families, and their service-providing organizations. Cohen Konrad emphasizes the relational perspective, which places value on human relationships, particularly those that children establish with primary care givers and helping professionals encountered during times of crisis. With this text students can connect theory to evidence-based practice and use realistic case studies for classroom role-play and engaging discussion.
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  • suicidesst
    The Gazette | L Coffey

    A sign from the Active Minds student organization at the University of Iowa tries to break down the stigma associated with mental illness. The group placed 1,100 backpacks on the Pentacrest on Tuesday to represent the number of students nationwide who commit suicide. Active Minds hoped to increase awareness of existing programs in Iowa City to help with mental illness, as well as break down the stigma that often comes with mental illness.
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