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To help social service professionals throughout the world conveniently maintain an awareness of news, new scholarship and more, regarding the field.


The site is updated continuously and is broken down into several sections:

  • Journal Article Abstracts: A stream of relevant article abstracts from social work and allied fields.
  • Open Access Journal Articles: A stream of relevant free, full text articles from open access publishers. IP strives to support open access publishers whenever possible.
  • Guidelines Plus: Typically published by professional and governmental organizations, these evidence-based guidelines provide health care professionals with hopefully high quality intervention suggestions for a variety of physical and mental disorders.
  • Meta-Analyses & Systematic Reviews: This collection links to abstracts of these types of scholarship. Access to the full text of these articles is on a pay-per-use or paid subscription model.
  • Monographs & Edited Collections: Features new works from university presses, proprietary publishers and other sources.
  • Images in the News, Videos, Infographics and History: These four categories of multimedia and text features are curated from a variety of sources including: popular media; government, organizational and academic sites; and user-contributed sources like YouTube.
  • News: The goal in this category is to present professionally relevant news from around the world.
  • Grey Literature: This section covers scientific and technical reports that do not go through the typical proprietary publishing process (e.g., reports from government agencies).
  • Calls: Includes calls for submissions (e.g., for conference presentations) or nominations for awards. Consultation (usually from the UK) are also included.
  • Clinical Trials: The category of clinical research trials that are planned or currently recruiting patients is included to give IP readers a sense of the cutting edge of research related to the field.
  • Funding: Covers a variety of funding opportunities for research and service.

The home page, archives, and each section above has its own RSS feed. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and you can learn more about it from this YouTube video. Our feeds are formatted in both Atom & RSS 2.0 format. In most browsers’ address bars, you’ll see an RSS icon appear when you are browsing a page that is available via RSS.


Archives are kept on a monthly basis, as well as a section basis. Section-based archives are restricted to the 30 most recent days of posts within a section.

for additional help, please contact:

Gary Holden, Editor
New York University: Silver School of Social Work
One Washington Square North

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