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mission statement

To help social service professionals throughout the world conveniently maintain an awareness of news regarding the profession and emerging scholarship.

  • identify and deliver a selection of the highest quality available in each category
  • regularly deliver an interesting mix of new information
  • create a more global sense of the profession for users from all locales
  • serve as an introductory socialization force for students

The new Information for Practice (IP) will help us to better meet those goals by incorporating a continuously upgraded site at:


IP is an extension of one of our previous community service projects with the same name. The new IP will continue to be a monthly digest (like the old IP). You can subscribe by sending a blank email message to:


You will receive an email notice each month when a month’s archives are complete and available on the IP web site.


There will be virtually no editorial material in either version of IP. Headlines and titles of entries will rarely be changed from the original source (only in instances where it better clarifies content) and the text you see describing an entry will almost always be a direct quote from the actual news item/article (APA style of quotation will not be followed here as it would make the text less readable).

Finally, IP provides a selection of news and new scholarship. IP is not intended as a complete index of any of these materials.


My colleagues and I have been involved in Internet based scholarship dissemination since 1993. Our initial focus was on Gopher space. See for instance:

Holden, G., Rosenberg, G. & Weissman, A. (1994). Social workers in cyberspace: Gopher-accessible resources. Society for Social Work & Research News, 1, 8-12.

Holden, G., & Rosenberg, G. (1994, November). Gopher accessible resources for social workers in cyberspace, 1.1 [350 lines]. SocWork [socwork@umab.bitnet], 10/26/94.

Holden, G., Rosenberg, G. & Weissman, A. (1995). Gopher accessible resources related to research on social work practice. Research on Social Work Practice, 5, 235-45.

By 1995 we had begun to emphasize WWW based resources. The main intervention produced along with these works was WWWRSW which was consistently the largest and most comprehensive index of WWW based resources for social workers. At the time of its demise this site contained over 99,700 links, was used by individuals from around the world receiving over 1000 visits per day and was consistently ranked #2 in Google searches for the phrase “social work”. WWWRSW is described in the following:

Holden, G., Rosenberg, G. & Weissman, A. (1996). World Wide Web accessible resources related to research on social work practice. Research on Social Work Practice, 6, 236-62.

Holden, G. (1997). Wandering in the digital dark. Society for Social Work & Research News, 4, 12.

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Holden, G. (1999). Social policy on the World Wide Web. In B. S. Jansson & S. J. Dodd (Eds.) Innovative Ways to Teach Policy Practice and Policy Advocacy, [Instructors Manual], [p 10-12]. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks Cole.

Holden, G., Rosenberg, G. & Meenaghan, T. (2000). Information for social work practice: Observations regarding the role of the World Wide Web. Social Work in Health Care,32, 1-8.

Holden, G. (2002). Delivering knowledge for practice: A World Wide Web based example. Journal of Social Work Education, 38, 1, 167-72.

Fratt, L. (2003, January 13). Social work and the Web. Social Work Today, 3, 1,16-18.

Some of our work has been more general, focusing on issues beyond our particular interventions in this area. See for instance:

Holden, G. (1998). The WWW search: A comment on Lawrence & Giles. Society for Social Work & Research News, 5, 14.

Rippen, H. [Chair], Guard, R., Byrns, P., Silberr, D. & Cleland, R. [Leads] + Abbott, P. A., Ambre, J., Anderson, S., Arcari, R., Basler, T. G., Buckovich, S., Carnerio, J. T. M.,, Chang, B., Decker, W., Deering, M. J., Dragovich, C., Eng, T., Fitzmaurice, J. M., Fourcroy, J., J. M., Frydman, G. J., Golodner, L., Hay, G., Hoey, D., Holden, G., Hudgings, Johnson, M., Kerlin, B. D., Kimbrough, C. A., Lazar, A., Linden, T., Lloyd, D. S., Mark, D., Mazzaschi, A., Molloy-Hubbard, S., Morgan, R. E., Perveiler, F. M., Probyn, S., Renner, J., Rodbard, D., Rozen, M. J., Rucker, N. L., Ruggiero, L., Saba, V., Savage, M., Scolamiero, S. J., Shannon, T., Siemers, L., Silberg, W., Talley, C. R., Thurn, A., Tierny, J., Valentino, J. G. [Contributors] (1998). Criteria for assessing the quality of health information on the Internet. A Health Summit Group policy paper.

Finn, J. & Holden, G. (2000). Human services online: A new arena for service delivery. Special triple issue of the Journal of Technology in Human Services, 17, 1-3. Co-published as edited volume by Haworth Press.

Holden, G. & Rosenberg, G. (2003). The Deep Web, dark matter, metabundles, and the broadband elite: Do you need an informaticist? Social Work in Health Care, 36, 4, 1-18.

Holden, G., Tuchman, E., Barker, K., Rosenberg, G., Thazin, M., Kuppens, S., & Watson, M. (2012). A few thoughts on evidence in social work. Social Work in Health Care, 51, 483-505.

Holden, G., Barker, K., Rosenberg, G., & Cohen, J. (2012). Information for clinical social work practice: A potential solution. Clinical Social Work Journal, 40, 166-174.

If you do not have access to these publications, reprints are available from Dr. Holden.

  • IP was profiled in the May ’09 New York Nonprofit Press
  • IP was featured in the Wales Association of Directors of Social Services Cymru (ADSS Cymru): Current Sector News
  • The Intute Consortium (University of Birmingham; University of Bristol; Heriot-Watt University; The University of Manchester; Manchester Metropolitan University; University of Nottingham; University of Oxford) made IP an Editor’s Choice
  • IP’s Google Page Rank is 6/10 [ “PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Pages that we believe are important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results” Google, 2009].
  • Xmarks ranked IP #4 in Social Work Resources, #5 in Social Work (10/10/09)
  • IP selected for inclusion in the final version of the Internet Resources Newsletter [from the Heriot-Watt University Library in the UK]
  • Information for Practice selected as 1 of the 206 for inclusion in the Association of Research Libraries’ Current Models of Digital Scholarly Communication Study
  • Information for Practice chosen from the group of GreySource Index members as the 2008 GreySource Frontrunner
  • Information for Practice selected for inclusion as a best practice example in grey literature in the GreySource Index
  • IP was covered in the Evidence Network Newsletter, December 2009
  • IP was selected as one of the top four non-Canadian sources for connected social policy wonks by the Social Policy Café site
  • IP was selected in 2010 as an evidence source by the Scottish Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services’ Evidence-Informed Practice portal
  • IP was named a featured resource by the Simmons Social Work Library
  • IP was selected as an ALISS (Association of Librarians and Information Professionals in the Social Sciences) recommended social science site of the week) on Sage’s Socialsciencespace

The resources that are generously donated for the support of IP are:

  • server space
  • clerical, programming & research assistant support
  • a small percentage of Dr. Holden’s time

These resources and operating funds are provided by the New York University Silver School of Social Work, the Cordellia Foundation, and the Division of Social Work & Behavioral Science, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, and the New York University’s Information Technology Services. None of these institutions control the content of this site. The creation and maintenance of this site as community service to the world of social work. Any views expressed here represent ours alone and not those of our respective institutions. We are not selling any product on or in connection with this site.

general disclaimer

This site is designed and intended for educational purposes only. It does not engage in the provision of professional social work services. The information provided here should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of a psychosocial problem. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or if you suspect that you may have a psychosocial problem, you should consult a social work professional.


We only collect general data on use of the site and the minimal data needed to maintain a email subscription (your email address). This general information is used for ongoing site development and may be used in our general research program, which might include eventual publications. Regardless, information about individual users will not be used in any publication or sold or given to any other entity.


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Dr. Kathleen Barker
Professor of Psychology, Medgar Evers College of The City University of New York

Dr. Gary Rosenberg
Edith J. Baerwald Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

consulting editors

Dr. Craig Boitel
Assistant Professor of Social Work, Cleveland State University

Michael Brekelmans, Australian Registered Psychologist
CEO – http://www.psychwire.org | Byron Bay NSW Australia

Joe Cohen, MSW
New York University: Silver School of Social Work

Lucinda Covert-Vail, MS, MSLS
Director of Public Services, New York University Libraries

Gianna Gifford, MA, MSLIS
Manager of Reference & Instruction Services: Boston Public Library

Dr. Wallace Gingerich
Professor of Social Work, Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Daniel B. Herman
Associate Dean for Scholarship & Research, Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College

Dr. Peter Maramaldi
Associate Professor, Simmons College

Dr. Thomas Meenaghan
Professor, New York University School of Social Work

Dr. Paul Montgomery
Departmental Lecturer in Evidence Based Intervention, University of Oxford

Prof. Jackie Rafferty
Principal Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Human Service Technology and SWAP, the Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for Social Policy and Social Work, School of Social Sciences, University of Southampton

Dr. Robert Schilling
Professor of Social Work, University of California: Los Angeles

Dr. Catherine W. Striley
NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Psychiatry, Washington University School of Medicine

Dr. Lynn Videka
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Boston College

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