GOP Prepares to Make Case That Poor People Must Sacrifice So Rich Can Get Tax Cuts

Common Dreams | J Moore/Getty

In any event, early talk about safety-net cuts by Republicans whispering to Politico should be taken with a large grain of salt. Yes, many of them would love to cut SNAP and what’s left of “welfare” and restrict eligibility for Social Security Disability along with Medicaid. But they aren’t being driven tragically to those extreme steps because they are obsessed with budget deficits or can’t imagine passing tax cuts without “offsets.” The one thing that Trump-era Republicans share with their predecessors of the last 35 years is a determination to pursue high-end tax cuts to hell and back, under any imaginable circumstances. If that tasty entrée comes with a side order of budget cuts affecting the poor, that’s even better, but the GOP is not going to pass up tax cuts out of concern for the country’s fiscal health.

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